Talent Dispatch

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Talent Dispatch

Business Process Outsourcing

The business process outsourcing service of IMPRESS is best characterized by its full-process management and service for dispatched employees. This includes employee recruitment, training, on-post management, dismissal management, labour turnover replacement, emergency handling, and employees' performance management, etc. Our principle of 'my employees at your service', is intended to fully satisfy clients' flexible demands for employment, solve customer's demands for employment with great mobility and management difficulty. we aim to be the provide the to support clients’ the large number of temporary and specific projects needs so as to simplify employment procedures for clients, cut down staff management cost, reduce employment risks and release customers from complications of staff employment, training and management to help the focus on core businesses and promote enterprise development.

General Talent Dispatch

Provide our clients with talent outsourcing for general positions, especially for general office positions including HR, finance and legal. We implement all-round management integrating recruitment, training, performance and attendance checking through our powerful talent database. Our professional service team regularly organizes activities and training. Under this model, we can provide our clients with continuous supply of labor replacement.

Outsourcing Solution:·Analyze the requirements for such reception desk position of the enterprise;·Recommend appropriate candidates for the client within one working day by virtue of our strong talent database;·Taking advantage of our rich management experience, professional training and assessment system for front desk secretary staff, we meet the client’s recruitment demand and enhance its service quality of front desk as well.