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A Detailed Brief
The brief sets out our understanding of the client's history, organisation, business, culture and future directions. A comprehensive description of the position profile and candidate specifications will also be submitted for the client's approval.

This document provides the basis of the understanding between us and the client and is the reference point in the search.

Research - Target Companies and Candidates
Using extensive and exhaustive research, we will systematically identify and target companies who could be the sources of potential candidates. These target companies would match the client organisation in terms of size, industry sector and style. We will identify the candidates and pursue those who match the client’s requirements and specifications.

Assessment and Evaluation
We will conduct face-to-face interviews with the identified candidates and assess and evaluate their suitability with respect to the position profile and candidate specifications. We will confirm and validate the candidate's employment history and achievements. If necessary, we will conduct preliminary reference checks on the candidate.

Candidate Reports
After we have concluded that a particular candidate would match the client's requirements, we will compile a detailed report of our assessment on this candidate.

Typically, we will present 3-5 candidate reports for the client's review.  We will assist in deciding the list of short-listed candidates.

Client Interviews
We will help arrange interviews between the client and the short-listed candidates.

Job Offer and Negotiations
Once the client has decided on a particular candidate, we will assist with the job offer, remuneration package negotiation and all necessary arrangements with the appointment.

This phase of the search process is very sensitive, and sometimes emotional for the candidate.  Our role as the 3rd party go-between is an important one.  We will assist in anyway to successfully conclude the appointment.